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Actor Hired for MacGyver Movie

February 20th, 2011

Larry Romano image

Is Larry Romano the next MacGyver?

It was with great interested that we noted today on IMDb Pro the appearance of Larry Romano as a cast member of the new MacGyver movie. There is no role name listed, so we can only speculate as to which part he will play in the movie; Nor was there any indication of how up to date the information is. We have been unsuccessful to date in our attempts to contact either producers or the respective production companies regarding this or any other news they can give us.

Based on the hit 80’s action/adventure show of the same name, the movie is now listed with a 2013 release date so we still have at least two years to wait, but this could be seen as a good thing in that it shows the movie makers are willing to spend the time to make sure the movie stays true to the original MacGyver character.

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70 Responses to “Actor Hired for MacGyver Movie”

  1. Jonas

    Richard Dean Anderson must be MacGyver in the movie ! I will not see this movie if they have another actor to play MacGyver !

  2. Mindy

    Is Larry Romano the next MacGyver?
    No no no

    I want Richard Dean Anderson

  3. JDias

    I agree, if Harrison Ford can still be Indiana Jones, so do Richard Dean Anderson ca be Macgyver… It doesn’t make any sense if they put another actor in the character…
    If the producers think that Richard Dean Anderson is too old, why not make the movie with 2 Macgyvers playing the team action: Angus Macgyver (Richard Dean Anderson) and his son, Macgyver (Larry Romano)…
    It would be a great idea…

  4. I love MacGyver

    I just want see Macgyver. I still think Richard Dean Anderson is more handsome then Larry Romano.But he is to oidf to play macgyver.

  5. Eduardo

    I don’t know Larry Romano. It’s a pity don’t see RDA on the movie. Other worry: who will play Peter Thornton? I can’t imagine who could play him (missing Dana Elcar).

  6. Prodigal

    RDA is the original Macgyver! So he should be in the movie! Without him there isn`t any Macgyver…

  7. jokes

    no way i with you i wont go to see it

  8. Runner

    yeah I have to agree I’m not liking the possibility with Romano as MacGyver. What about the kid who played his son on the last episode, he was cute and part of the original series? I think it all depends on how they write the movie. Is it supposed to be the same MacGyver in his 40’s or MacGyver today in his, um 60’s? If today I think RDA should be the lead guy with someone playing his son. Otherwise if it is supposed to be the original MacGyver in his 30’s-40’s then I would nominate, yeah this may sound funny, but Jon Bon Jovi. I think he would be a good MacGyver. My second vote would be George Eads, I’m not a fan of CSI but I think he would be a good spot.
    As for Pete Thorton I don’t know, Dana Elcar was so great in his role. He was sweat yet strong and I can’t think of any actor right now that would work.

  9. Maria

    Richard Dean Anderson IS Macgyver !!
    The movie will be different if they replace Macgyver character with someone else…

  10. Gary

    We also didn’t think they could recast the cast of Star Trek and that worked out pretty well

  11. Jason

    RDA is MAcGyver…a lot of the character was based on his own life. No one will ever replace RDA and I will never see a macgyver film w/o RDA

  12. eric

    I agree please don’t make the movie if it don’t have Richard Dean Anderson producers should stop putting other people in movies KEEP the same actors look at batman how many times can you change him the hulk after the first movie i started the 2nd and shut it off because it wasn’t the same nightmare on elm street the new on sucked with out robert england. it has to stop we should boycott the movies.

  13. Aaron

    No point in making a MacGyver movie if MacGyver/ RDA isn’t in it! They won’t gain new fans of the franchise, do the show some respect and get RDA in there as a tribute to the original series.
    I agree it’s a shame about Pete. My pick would be Beau Bridges.

  14. katelyn

    now ok i see where theyre going with the movie tried the same thing with several tv show remakes like( charlies angels,knight rider,v, )and now you wanna make a movie called macgyver.ok so if knight rider remake did nt make it and was cancelled and charlies angels movies were ok but not like the orriginal.what makes you think that someone could even live up to richard dean anderson’s roles.if i remember correctly they were gonna remake the bionic man as well and have yet to see it.all i can say is no-one could live up to richard dean anderson for that part…..<3

  15. David

    I will Not go see the movie if Richard Dean Anderson isnt macgyver it just wont be the same

  16. Kostas

    I want Richard Dean Anderson too!!!!

  17. Heidi

    @Aaron I wonder where you got the idea for Beau Bridges? ;)

    My pick for Pete would have been Don S Davis, had he not died in 2008. I used to confuse the two actors b/c I thought they looked so similar, and that Davis served as Elcar’s stunt double. (come to think of it, my late grandfather also kinda looked like these two)

    I’m racking my brain to think of an actor who looks like them, but I am coming up blank.

  18. Ricardo

    Hi. I am from Mexico.

    MacGyver uses his intelligence, so, he does not need to be young for solve his cases.
    I agree with a movie with Richard and his son. Maybe for the secuels MacGyver will
    be only Larry (if Richard can not continue).


  19. Ga

    Richard Dean Anderson as Macgyver is a MUST.
    about Pete i would let the casting manager work as hard as possible on that.

    If they get him to play in this movie as Macgyver this could be the biggest hit in a long time! if they don’t they really underestimate the amount of fans who would want to see RDA again as Macgyver.

  20. aldwin

    Pete aka dana eclar is dead so it means a new pete would assume the role

  21. Lance

    Will since Richard Dean Anderson is getting up their I didn’t think he wound do it but since dana eclar’s stunt and photo dubben was used in Stargate SG1he wound be OK to play Pete.

  22. MacGyverOnline

    I think the only problem we might have with this idea is that RDA’s mannerisms, voice, expressions etc have been deeply ingrained in our minds as being that of MacGyver, so it might not work for us to see and hear MacGyvers voice and expressions on the Pete Thornton character.

  23. Janet

    I agree that Richard Dean Anderson IS MacGyver and the idea of a son playing his part like Shia LeBeuf with Harrison Ford in the last Indiana Jones film. Harrison is much older that Richard, Richard can do it again if written right. What about Sean Patrick Flannery he also played the Young Indiana but he might do well for the young MacGyver and as for Pete Thornton it can be written in that he passed on and someone new is in. My pick is Patrick Stewart he can be sweet and firm he was awesome as Jean-Luc Picard.

    Again, RIchard Dean Anderson has to do the role the movie will get exceptional ratings just to see him again.

  24. Jen

    RDA is my favorite TV star!!! His role as Macgyver is the best. I think his not old, he is just out of shape, if he goes on a diet he will recover that beautiful face and smile that made him famous. I cannot imagine Macgyver w/o him. I still watch the whole tv show online cause his my eternal hero. Would love to see him on screen again.

  25. Seven

    RDA needs to be cast in the movie. Ideally I’d prefer to see him as MacGyver again, but if the studio and script insist upon a younger actor for the part then at the very least they need to fit RDA into the script somewhere as a cameo (much like Stan Lee has a cameo in most of the comic-book movies based upon his characters). Chris Pine could pull off a young Mac although since he already played a young James Kirk he might not even be interested for fear of being considered a replacement actor.

    As far as Pete, I think most would agree replacing Dana Elcar will be difficult if not impossible, and the person to play that character will have just as big of shoes to fill as the person who could potentially play MacGyver. I would think that William H. Macy would make a nice fit as he is the type of actor that could bring credibility to the role.

    My only hope is that they don’t try to turn the movie into a cheeseball comedy. MacGruber showed us how bad of an idea that would be (I never saw the movie but it didn’t do well in theaters) so if they want this to be successful they need to update the core concept and make it more of a action with a mixture of drama. I’m convinced with some updating the TV series could still be popular today because it was the characters and the feeling of “what will he do next” that kept people’s interest – and that is as true today as it was in 1985.

  26. rayhan

    harison ford doing the role of indy..on the age of 70/72..then why rda can’t?..rda is ever best for macgyver,,,

  27. Anna

    omg! if they made a movie it will no doubt be good but i havent a clue of who this Larry is…..they have to have Richard or it just wont be the same. fingers crossed……

  28. Dottie Winslow

    Who in the world started the rumor that actor Larry Romano was going to be the next MacGyver? Larry will be in the movie, but not playing MacGyver. He has a character role in the movie. So everybody calm down. For those of you who don’t know who Larry is, you must not watch The King Of Queens or never saw the Stallone movie Lockup. Did you watch Pacino’s Donnie Brasco? He played Richie Cantina on NYPD Blue, a recurring role. He’s played many roles on tv and in films. You want to see him now? Enter Romanologues in Google search. Scroll down to number 7. It’s called Crossing Party Lines. He’s talking to the president on the phone and you will be rolling on the floor before it’s over. It’s 002 and it shows him drinking out of a big plastic Coke bottle. Now, go have fun!!

  29. Mark

    It’s nice to see so many people who believe that RDA must play MacGyver or the movie will be a bomb. The person in an earlier blog who said that putting a younger cast in the latest StarTrek movie worked so why not in a MacGyver movie obviously never saw the ratings or how badly that movie did. That was one of the fastest movies I’ve seen go direct to DVD…and didn’t stay at the theaters very long. Nope…. agree that without RDA the movie will suck big time. Why does Pete Thorton have to be in the movie? Maybe the movie could start with MacGyver going to his memorial service. But how come nobody has said anything about bringing some of the other characters back? How about Jack Dalton, Murdoc and Penny Parker? All of these actors are still alive. Hey even RDA has expressed interest in being in the movie. So if they keep making movies with Harrison Ford *Indiana Jones) and Bruce Willis (Die Hard), why not RDA??? Hope the producers don’t pull some bone headed move and bring some unknown in to play a young MacGyver. I certainly wouldn’t go see it.

  30. MacGyverOnline

    One of the main issues is that these other characters are owned by CBS/Paramount and Lee Zlotoff doesn’t have permission to use them. So he is somewhat limited in how he can use anything from the TV show.

  31. Michelle

    I’m with everyone who says that Richard Dean Anderson must be MacGyver.
    No one else would be right!
    He is a legendary character that still lives on.
    (even Chuck mentioned MacGyver as he broke out of handcuffs)
    Let’s hold fingers that the powers that be in the movie agree with us!

  32. Burger Terblanche

    I love,love MacGyver!!!!!!!Richard Dean Anderson is and always will be the best MacGyver!And he still looks good today!!!!!!!!

  33. Cheryl

    it’s Richard Dean Anderson for sure!!!
    No one has come close to RDA playing the handsome, brilliant and agile MacGyver :)

  34. Lars-Thomas

    It’s not sure that RDA want to play in this movie…..if he donæt want to play in the movie we just has to respect his decision.

  35. Anne

    I want Richard Dean Anderson to be in the Macgyver Movie! He’s been the one along and this movie would be great with him!

  36. mat

    why the heck would they get a actor thats almost 50 to play macgyver, macgyver is suppose to be in his early 40s

  37. brian

    I AGREE IF IT IS NOT RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON IT IS NOT MACGYVER i still watch the show regularly it just would not be the same without him

  38. Stelios

    Macgyver as a father and the boy from last episode (or Larry Romano) as his kid is a very very brilliant idea..Otherwise there is no point for a new Macgyver movie..Batman had many different actors for the main role but there was a point for that, because their faces were covered, so why not..For the role of Thorton I suggest—–> KYLE GASS!! -HEHEHEE! ;)

  39. Marc

    Richard D. Anderson has to be MacGyver… and in my opinion the style of the movie should be like in “TAKEN” with LIAM NEESON…

  40. Cathetine

    There is only ONE guy on Earth who can possibly play MacGyver, and that’s Richard Dean Anderson! No other has that voice, those deep brown eyes, or that creative mind that brought the character MacGyver to life. None to mention you can’t replace those hands that have created something so amazing. Man, I would love to see RDA in action again. I’m 23, I first saw RDA in SG1 in the very first episode to air when I was 7 and I never missed an episode because of him. I watched all of MacGyver thanks to my mom and I can honestly say RDA is one hell of an excellent actor that can bring any character to life. RDA is MacGyver, you can’t replace him. Make the time period current and have Mac’s son, Sam. You really can’t replace Pete, so show respect and don’t. Mac visiting his grave or remembering him is enough. Seriously, make the movie current and get RDA to play MacGyver. If not, then don’t even bother making it or else you’ll just ruin a legend.

  41. mandy

    i so loved richard dean anderson as macgyver i still do, i have the box sets,i also watched him in general hospital before he was in macgyver and then watched him in stargate,i would love to see richard in the role as macgyver in this new movie, unless richard himself deicided not to take on the role for his own reasons.i can’t really imagine anyone else in the role, for me richard will always be macyver even if they do put someone else in the role.i’d probably go to see the movie just to se what it was like. i wouldn’t have a clue who could play pete he seemed like a really lovely man on screen i’d say it would be hard to replace him.

  42. korby rogers

    so have the movie makers got the STRONG hint (BODY CHECK “WHAM”) that you HAVE to USE RDA
    macgyver did have a son in the last show of the series- get that actor to go WITH RDA


    make ur picture however, remember, “MACGURBBER’ no one went to see it. don’t make fun of favorties!

  43. William John Hogan

    MacGyver is Richard Dean Anderson is MacGyver sorry anyone else then its not MacGyver anyone else and it be a piss take noone will TAKE IT Seriously the new and old fans think if it was a new tv show and try to make a new show with another macgyver another actor and build on his rep it WILL FAIL the problem is when you think of MacGyver you only picture Richard Dean Anderson without him they be wasting money for HIS THE SHOW without him then its not macgyver its some other crap that i for one would not WASTE MY MONEY ON SEEING without him RDA

  44. Hannah

    If its not Richard Dean Anderson it will no doubt be rubbish. Richard is still sexy as hell and owns Macgyver!!

  45. ladyt2500

    Bruce willis is and will always be die hard richard will always be mcguyver never too old when ur still hot!

  46. Looping

    Either they make a film with Richard Dean Anderson or they don’t.

  47. richard

    this movie would be GAY with out RDA i wouldn’t see it a will just watch the tv show again

  48. Andrew

    If Richard is not MacGyver, please put another name to the movie, I will not waste my tie to see it.

  49. Ninch

    If not RDA for this MacGyver movie, this will surely be a flop. MacGyver has been a legend and inspiration to us in terms of in academe, soci0 civic, youngsters, family… he inspired us so much. RDA has portrayed the role so well in 7 seasons. NO RDA, NO MacGyver!

  50. aaron

    if RDA aint in the new movie then u might aswell kiss goodbye to a box office smash and wheel out the bargain bins cos noone can fill those shoes the same as good ole RDA ………… just dont ask him to play hockey his hips wont take it!!!!!!!!!

  51. Joe

    I want richard dean anderson.he is the only macgyver.I wont watch otherwise..PLEASE

  52. Gina Shovan

    I want to see th movie :-) anyword on when??

  53. Robyn Hermione

    MacGyver won’t be MacGyver without Richard Dean Anderson. Personally, I hope Dalton James (played MacGyver’s son “Sam” in ‘The Stringer’ is in it too.

  54. Alex

    I want RDA to do the role of Macgyver as well but I was also thinking it would be really cool if they did a Television show about Macgyver when he was a kid.

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