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MacGyver is back on Cloo TV

April 18th, 2014

mac-tvCable channel, Cloo TV, has resumed regular airings of MacGyver again.

Currently they are running a block of 7 episodes of MacGyver back to back every Tuesday starting at 8am and running to 2pm.

The episodes appear to be in order and are currently showing season 4 with this coming Tuesdays block starting at The Outsiders episode.

You can check the schedule here to see which episodes and when they will air.


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classic-mondayThe Cloo channel will host a 7 hour MacGyver marathon from 8am to 3pm ET on Tuesday, April 1st.

The schedule is set to run the first 7 episodes of season 3 (Lost Love – Jack In The Box) which should prove popular as it’s often considered the season in which the show really found it’s stride with the move to film in Vancouver providing show icons such as the Houseboat and Phoenix buildings with the ever present backdrop of the sensational Canadian wilderness.

See the full schedule here


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Action Hero Tool Kit

March 29th, 2014

Action Tool KitTo celebrate MacGyver’s birthday iFixit have released this Action Hero Toolkit.

Housed nicely inside an Altos-sized tin, this kit contains a selection of the most useful everyday items to fuel your inner MacGyver in times of need.

The kit includes a bobby pin, a single match, a rubber band, a piece of unchewed bubble gum, a birthday candle, a paper clip, a shoelace, a one-cent stamp, and a small piece of duct tape. You’ll need to provide your own Swiss Army Knife and mullet though.

The kit is selling for $9.95.


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UK Mobile game publisher, Fairplay Media, has announced that they are working with MacGyver creator Lee Zlotoff to bring MacGyver into the mobile games market.

In a press release issued today Fairplay’s CEO, Simon Phillips enthused “Who doesn’t know MacGyver? To most people MacGyver is a household name that conjures up so many fond memories of puzzle solving, ingenuity and doing ‘a MacGyver’. We’ve been talking to Lee for some time and have constantly discussed different ways of bringing Mac to the mobile games market and we were delighted to be able find a way to do just that!”

“We’re excited to be able to bring MacGyver up to date and into the mobile games market. Games are the perfect way for Mac to start new adventures with both the existing fans and an entirely new global audience as well. I’m looking forward to working with the team at Fairplay and seeing Mac back in action” said Zlotoff. “What’s more, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the game will go to support The MacGyver Foundation.”

The first MacGyver title is already deep in development and due to be announced in the coming weeks.


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MacGCable TV channel Cloo is once again running a MacGyver marathon on Sunday, February 16th.

As with previous marathons from Cloo, the line up consists of several episodes played in rotation throughout the 24 hour period, in this particular case it will be 12 episodes from Season 2 (see list below) which reads almost like a best of for the season.

Episodes showing:

  •    – Pirates
  •    – Friends
  •    – Birthday
  •    – Partners
  •    – Soft Touch
  •    – Family Matter
  •    – Bushmasters
  •    – Out in the Cold
  •    – DOA MacGyver
  •    – For Love or Money
  •    – Phoenix Under Siege
  •    – Dalton, Jack of Spies

See the full schedule here

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