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MacGyver fans will soon have the first ever Richard Dean Anderson sanctioned MacGyver collectable.

Rare MacGyver collectables are set to be sold off in a special Sea Shepherd Conservation Society charity sale being run by Legends Memorabilia & Collectibles to raise money to cover the setup costs of a new memorabilia auction page which will see actual campaign-used items auctioned off to raise funds for the various Sea Shepherd campaigns.

MacGyver is helping to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the predominantly southeastern US fast food chicken franchise, Zaxby’s in 3 special anniversary commercials. Richard Dean Anderson has stared in 3 of the 6 anniversary commercials where he plays on his MacGyver character as he makes a high intensity proton laser, get’s stuck in an elevator [...]

MacGyver and Stargate SG-1 star, Richard Dean Anderson has, in his own words, “begun something I wasn’t sure I would ever begin” and has joined the Twitter social networking site.  On his web site he states that his daughter got so excited by twitter that he couldn’t deny her request for him to join the [...]

In November of last year Richard Dean Anderson made a guest appearance to the Quench the Fire Charity run/walk as part of his Purple Heart project for the Pain Center. As part of an incentive idea, the Quench the fire charity trust had decided to give away 2 tickets to Disneyland in LA to “anyone [...]

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